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Welcome to Whiteroc Equine, home of Adam Scott - Equine Dental Technician. We provide Equine Dental Services throughout the South West of England. We can cater for any horse at any yard, whether you have a horse that is a top-level eventer or a happy hacker, we will treat all equines with the utmost respect and tailor treatment to the individual horses needs.

What Do We Offer?

Floating Service

Currently we provide a standard floating service that will be sufficient for the needs of most horses. Treatment will be carried out without sedation, where possible. For cases that require more advanced dental treatment, Whiteroc Equine may refer the case to a more experienced BAEDT Certified Equine Dental Technician.

Utmost Care and Respect

Every horse that we treat is just as important to us as the last, each will be treated with the utmost care and respect. Our calm manner and gentle approach ensures that each horse is put under as little stress as possible during treatment.

Fully Insured

Whiteroc Equine is fully insured to carry out Equine Dental Treatment. Unlike some Equine Dental Technicians, that are only insured for Public Liability and have no cover for any injury that they may cause to horses. Whiteroc Equine is insured through Eastlake and Beachell for Public Liability and Injury to Horses. This means that appropriate cover is in place in the unlikely event of an injury.*

* Terms and Conditions Apply

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